Title: Due Date, Author: Nancy Wood
Title: River Bound (Sydney Brennan Series #6), Author: Judy K. Walker
Title: Death of a Dying Man (Micky Knight Series #5), Author: J. M. Redmann
Title: Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match, Author: Mike Lupica Pre-Order Now
Title: Disorderly Attachment, Author: Jennifer L. Jordan
Title: Winter and Night (Lydia Chin and Bill Smith Series #8), Author: S. J. Rozan
Title: A Deadly Fall, Author: Susan Calder
Title: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson Series #4), Author: Darynda Jones
Title: Secrets in Stockbridge (Sydney Brennan Series #2), Author: Judy K. Walker
Title: La mujer del collar (Burned: Regan Reilly Series #8), Author: Carol Higgins Clark
Title: A Tale of Time Apart, Author: Dustin Hartuv
Title: The Volcano Shake, Author: Tom Bradley Jr.
Title: Coming Back, Author: Marcia Muller
Title: Campari Crimson: A Private Investigator Comedy Mystery, Author: Traci Andrighetti
Title: This Dame for Hire (Faye Quick Series #1), Author: Sandra Scoppettone
Title: Locked In, Author: Marcia Muller
Title: The Good Book Club: A Jane Sunday Mystery, Author: Rick Dewhurst
Title: Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis (Aimee Leduc Series #7), Author: Cara Black
Title: No Time to Die, Author: Grace F. Edwards

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