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Title: Driving with the Top Down, Author: Beth Harbison
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Title: Trust, Author: George V. Higgins
Title: Freddie's Trip, Author: Danielle Steel
Title: The Happy Little Engine, Author: Judy Nayer
Title: Hell Gate, Author: David Stout
Title: The Car Thief, Author: Theodore Weesner
Title: Last Convertible, Author: Anton Myrer
Title: Bernie Drives a Truck, Author: Derek Radford
Title: The Reivers, Author: William Faulkner
Title: Phantom Trucker, Author: Jason K. Friedman
Title: Wheel of a Fast Car, Author: W. E. Butterworth
Title: The Big Lifters, Author: Dean Ing
Title: The Little Car, Author: Leila Berg
Title: The Bean Trees, Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Paperback $4.98 $15.99 Current price is $4.98, Original price is $15.99.
Title: Changing Times: The Story of a Tennessee Walking Horse and the Girl who Proves that Grown-Ups Don't Always Know Best, Author: Deborah Felder
Title: Triumph, Author: Steve Swanson
Title: The Mystery of the Vanishing Victim, Author: Kathryn Kenny
Title: The Race, Author: Bob Judd
Title: Neighborhood Trucker, Author: Louise Borden
Title: Weekend in the Dunes, Author: H. R. Sheffer