Title: A Director Prepares: Seven Essays on Art and Theatre / Edition 1, Author: Anne Bogart
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Title: Painting for Performance: A Beginner's Guide to Great Painted Scenery / Edition 1, Author: Sean O'Skea
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Title: Illustrated Theatre Production Guide / Edition 3, Author: John Ramsey Holloway
Title: The Aesthetics of the Oppressed / Edition 1, Author: Augusto Boal
Title: Theatrical Improvisation: Short Form, Long Form, and Sketch-Based Improv, Author: J. Leep
Title: Making Theatre: From Text to Performance, Author: Peter Mudford
Title: Theater Voices, Author: Steve Capra
Title: Dramaturgy: A Revolution in Theatre, Author: Mary Luckhurst
Title: The Theatre of Suzuki Tadashi, Author: Ian Carruthers
Title: Bakhtin and Theatre: Dialogues with Stanislavski, Meyerhold and Grotowski, Author: Dick Mccaw
Title: Collaboration in Theatre: A Practical Guide for Designers and Directors, Author: Rob Roznowski
Title: Dionysus since 69: Greek Tragedy at the Dawn of the Third Millennium, Author: Edith Hall
Title: Stage Management / Edition 10, Author: Lawrence Stern
Title: Remaking Shakespeare: Performance Across Media, Genres and Cultures, Author: P. Aebischer
Title: Musicals!: Directing School and Community Theatre, Author: Robert M. Boland
Title: The Magic Garment: Principles of Costume Design / Edition 2, Author: Rebecca Cunningham
Title: Digital Practices: Aesthetic and Neuroesthetic Approaches to Performance and Technology, Author: S. Broadhurst
Title: City/Stage/Globe: Performance and Space in Shakespeare's London, Author: D.J. Hopkins
Title: The Director as Collaborator / Edition 1, Author: Robert Knopf
Title: Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare in Production Series) / Edition 1, Author: William Shakespeare

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