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Title: Uniforms of the Republic of Texas and the Men That Wore Them, 1836-1846, Author: Bruce Marshall
Title: U.S. Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889: Specifications for Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage, and Clothing and Equipage Materials, Author: Quartermaster General of the Army
Title: The Organization And Order Of Battle Of Militaries In World War Ii, Author: Charles D. Pettibone
Title: Roman Military Dress, Author: Graham Sumner
Title: Awarded for Valour: A History of the Victoria Cross and the Evolution of British Heroism, Author: M. Smith
Title: Camouflage Uniforms of European and Nato Armies: 1945 to the Present, Author: J.F. Borsarello
Title: Uniforms Exposed: From Conformity to Transgression, Author: Jennifer Craik
Title: Neumann & Mnller Imperial German Military Catalogues: A Resource for Collectors and Historians, Author: Janet Robinson
Title: Rhodesia Medal Roll, Author: David Saffery