Title: Unknown Valor: A Story of Family, Courage, and Sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima, Author: Martha MacCallum
Paperback $15.99 $17.99 Current price is $15.99, Original price is $17.99.
Title: 999: The Extraordinary Young Women of the First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz, Author: Heather Dune Macadam
Title: Stalingrad 1942-43 (1): The German Advance to the Volga, Author: Robert Forczyk
Title: A House in the Mountains: The Women Who Liberated Italy from Fascism, Author: Caroline Moorehead
Title: A Game of Birds and Wolves: The Ingenious Young Women Whose Secret Board Game Helped Win World War II, Author: Simon Parkin
Paperback $16.99 $18.99 Current price is $16.99, Original price is $18.99.
Title: USMC M4A2 Sherman vs Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go: The Central Pacific 1943-44, Author: Romain Cansière
Title: The Balkans 1940-41 (1): Mussolini's Fatal Blunder in the Greco-Italian War, Author: Pier Paolo Battistelli
Title: The Darkest Year: The American Home Front 1941-1942, Author: William K. Klingaman
Title: British Battleship vs German Battleship: 1941-43, Author: Angus Konstam
Title: World War II Fighter Planes Spotter's Guide, Author: Tony Holmes
Title: Race of Aces: WWII's Elite Airmen and the Epic Battle to Become the Master of the Sky, Author: John R. Bruning
Title: The Year of Peril: America in 1942, Author: Tracy Campbell
Title: From Texas to Rome: Fighting World War II and the Italian Campaign with the 36th Infantry Division, Author: Fred L. Walker
Title: Eight Days at Yalta: How Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin Shaped the Post-War World, Author: Diana Preston
Title: Stringbag: The Fairey Swordfish at War, Author: David Wragg
Title: Finding Your Father's War: A Practical Guide to Researching and Understanding Service in the World War II U.S. Army, Author: Jonathan Gawne
Title: Hitler Answers Roosevelt: The German Leader's Reply to the American President's Public Challenge, Author: Mark Weber
Title: The Last Heroes: Voices of British and Commonwealth Veterans, Author: Gary Bridson-Daley
Title: Target: America: Hitler's Plan To Attack The United States, Author: James Duffy
Title: Tupolev Tu-22 Blinder: Supersonic Bomber, Attack, Maritime Patrol and Electronic Countermeasures Aircraft, Author: Sergey Burdin

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