Title: A Nantucket Affair, Author: Pamela M. Kelley
Title: Hepburn's Necklace, Author: Jan Moran
Title: Love Waiting to Happen, Author: Aubrei Edwards
Title: All I Want for Christmas, Author: Ann Roth
Title: Updrift, Author: Errin Stevens
Title: If All Would Be Utopia, Author: Raina Nascimento
Title: Amber Sky, Author: Cassia Leo
Title: The Priest and the Princess, Author: Kathryn Kaufmann
Title: No Love Like Nantucket, Author: Grace Palmer
Title: Autumn at Apple Hill (Large Print), Author: Angie Ellington
Title: Sheila the Vampire: Dancing with the Enemy:, Author: Grant Eagar
Title: Flatland, Author: Edwin A. Abbott
Title: Real Money, Author: Lynda Rees
Title: Moving On, Author: June Bryan Belfie
Title: In the Shadow of the Wasatch, Author: Diane Cole
Title: Se Desejos Fossem Cavalos (Edição portuguesa): Trilogia 'O Leilão': uma moderna Jane Eyre, Author: Anna Erishkigal
Title: Command and Control, Author: Angie Daniels
Title: Be Careful Who You Marry, Author: Lizzy Mumfrey
Title: Madam Mom, Author: Lynda Rees
Title: This Is All A Lie, Author: Thomas Trofimuk

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