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Title: Escape from the Deep: A True Story of Courage and Survival During World War II, Author: Alex Kershaw
Title: Rescue: A True Story of Courage and Survival in World War II, Author: Steven Trent Smith
Title: Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center, Author: Ray Monk
Title: The Wages of Guilt: Memories of War in Germany and Japan, Author: Ian Buruma
Title: Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima, Author: Stephen Walker
Title: Rising Sun, Falling Skies: The Disastrous Java Sea Campaign of World War II, Author: Jeffrey Cox
Title: Okinawa: The Last Battle, Author: Roy E. Appleman
Title: Sea of Thunder: Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign 1941-1945, Author: Evan Thomas
Title: The Arisaka Rifle, Author: Bill Harriman
Title: Bataan Death March: A Survivor's Account, Author: William E. Dyess
Title: Duty: A Father, His Son, and the Man Who Won the War, Author: Bob Greene
Title: The Last Mission: The Secret History of World War II's Final Battle, Author: Jim Smith
Title: To Hell and Back: The Last Train from Hiroshima, Author: Charles Pellegrino
Title: The Railway Man: A POW's Searing Account of War, Brutality and Forgiveness, Author: Eric Lomax
Title: The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb by Its Creators, Eyewitnesses, and Historians, Author: Cynthia C. Kelly
Title: Operation Storm: Japan's Top Secret Submarines and Its Plan to Change the Course of World War II, Author: John Geoghegan
Title: All This Hell: U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese, Author: Evelyn M. Monahan
Title: Fatal Voyage: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, Author: Dan Kurzman
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Title: Kamikaze Nightmare, Author: Ron Burt
Title: Danger's Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her, Author: Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

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