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Title: Strategic Air War against Germany and Japan: A Memoir, Author: Jr Haywood Hansell S
Title: The Invention of Religion in Japan, Author: Jason Ananda Josephson
Title: A History of Japan, 1582-1941: Internal and External Worlds / Edition 1, Author: L. M. Cullen
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Title: Resistant Islands: Okinawa Confronts Japan and the United States, Author: Gavan McCormack
Title: Geography and Japan's Strategic Choices: From Seclusion to Internationalization, Author: Peter J. Woolley
Title: They Came to Japan: An Anthology of European Reports on Japan, 1543-1640, Author: Michael Cooper
Title: Buddhism and the Arts of Japan / Edition 2, Author: Richard Pilgrim
Title: Yasukuni Shrine: History, Memory, and Japan's Unending Postwar, Author: Akiko Takenaka
Title: Japan's Holy War: The Ideology of Radical Shinto Ultranationalism, Author: Walter Skya
Title: Japan in Transformation, 1945-2010 / Edition 2, Author: Jeff Kingston
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Title: Translation and Subjectivity: On Japan and Cultural Nationalism, Author: Naoki Sakai
Title: Peasants, Rebels, Women, and Outcastes: The Underside of Modern Japan / Edition 2, Author: Mikiso Hane
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Title: A Political History Of Japan During The Meiji Era - 1867-1912, Author: Walter Wallace McLaren
Title: The Rhetoric of English India / Edition 1, Author: Sara Suleri Goodyear
Title: Negotiating with Imperialism: The Unequal Treaties and the Culture of Japanese Diplomacy, Author: Michael R. Auslin
Title: Reading Colonial Japan: Text, Context, and Critique, Author: Michele Mason
Title: Lovable Losers: The Heike in Action and Memory, Author: Mikael S. Adolphson
Title: Science for the Empire: Scientific Nationalism in Modern Japan / Edition 1, Author: Hiromi Mizuno
Title: The Shadow Warriors of Nakano: A History of the Imperial Japanese Army's Elite Intelligence School, Author: Stephen Mercado
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Title: Radiation Brain Moms and Citizen Scientists: The Gender Politics of Food Contamination after Fukushima, Author: Aya Hirata Kimura

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