Title: Pictor's Metamorphoses: and Other Fantasies, Author: Hermann Hesse
Title: Selected Folktales/Ausgewählte Märchen: A Dual-Language Book, Author: Jacob Grimm
Title: The Bridegroom Was a Dog, Author: Yoko Tawada
Title: Summer Lies, Author: Bernhard Schlink
Title: The Collected Stories, Author: Arno Schmidt
Title: A Schoolboy's Diary and Other Stories, Author: Robert Walser
Title: Five Great German Short Stories: A Dual-Language Book, Author: Stanley Appelbaum
Title: The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales, Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: The Collected Stories of Joseph Roth, Author: Joseph Roth
Title: Bright Magic: Stories, Author: Alfred Doblin
Title: Selected Tales (Brothers Grimm), Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: Kafka's Selected Stories: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Franz Kafka
Title: Girlfriends, Ghosts, and Other Stories, Author: Robert Walser
Title: The Dead Lake and Other Tales, Author: Paul Heyse
Title: Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes, Author: Daniel Kehlmann
Title: 33 Moments of Happiness: St. Petersburg Stories, Author: Ingo Schulze
Title: Household Tales by Brothers Grimm, Author: Wilhelm Grimm
Title: Grimm's Fairy Stories: (The Brothers Grimm Classics Collection), Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: Grimm's Household Stories, Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: The Old Child & Other Stories, Author: Jenny Erpenbeck

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