Title: Voice User Interface Design / Edition 1, Author: James Giangola
Paperback $58.49 $64.99 Current price is $58.49, Original price is $64.99.
Title: Virtual Society? Get Real!: Technology, Cyberbole, Reality, Author: Steve Woolgar
Title: Social Media: Enduring Principles / Edition 1, Author: Ashlee Humphreys
Title: Social Media Campaigns: Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing / Edition 1, Author: Carolyn Mae Kim
Title: Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation / Edition 1, Author: Steve Swink
Title: The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality / Edition 1, Author: Jason Jerald
Paperback $72.94 $79.95 Current price is $72.94, Original price is $79.95.
Title: Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do / Edition 1, Author: B.J. Fogg
Title: Human Factors Methods / Edition 2, Author: Neville A. Stanton
Paperback $98.43 $105.00 Current price is $98.43, Original price is $105.00.
Title: Computers, Ethics, and Society / Edition 3, Author: M. David Ermann
Title: Computer Ethics / Edition 4, Author: Deborah Johnson
Title: The Cyborg Handbook / Edition 1, Author: Chris Gray
Title: Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design, Author: Jenifer Tidwell
Title: Ethics and the Future of Spying: Technology, National Security and Intelligence Collection / Edition 1, Author: Jai Galliott
Title: Systems Science: Addressing Global Issues, Author: Frank A. Stowell
Title: The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology / Edition 1, Author: Pramod K. Nayar
Title: Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality / Edition 1, Author: Frank Biocca
Title: VIRTUAL STATES / Edition 1, Author: Jerry Everard
Title: Islam Dot Com: Contemporary Islamic Discourses in Cyberspace, Author: M. el-Nawawy
Title: Distributed Virtual Worlds: Foundations and Implementation Techniques Using VRML, Java, and CORBA / Edition 1, Author: Stephan Diehl
Title: Geography and Genealogy: Locating Personal Pasts, Author: Jeanne Kay Guelke

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