Best Books of 2020
Title: The Harbinger II: The Return, Author: Jonathan Cahn
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Title: Night Fall, Author: Nancy Mehl
Title: The Girl behind the Red Rope, Author: Ted Dekker
Title: Obsession, Author: Patricia Bradley
Title: Present Danger, Author: Elizabeth Goddard
Title: The Oath, Author: Frank E. Peretti
Title: Playing with Fire, Author: Susan May Warren
Title: Downfall, Author: Terri Blackstock
Title: Unknown Threat, Author: Lynn H. Blackburn
Title: Tangled Webs (Men of Valor Series #3), Author: Irene Hannon
Title: The Ravine: A Novel of Evil, Hope, and the Afterlife, Author: Robert Pascuzzi
Title: Green: The Beginning and the End (Circle Series #0), Author: Ted Dekker
Title: Rules of Murder (Drew Farthering Series #1), Author: Julianna Deering
Title: Trapped (Private Justice Series #2), Author: Irene Hannon
Title: The Path, Author: Ivan King
Title: An Eye for an Eye (Heroes of Quantico Series #2), Author: Irene Hannon
Title: Cape Refuge (Cape Refuge Series #1), Author: Terri Blackstock
Title: Lethal Legacy (Guardians of Justice Series #3), Author: Irene Hannon
Title: Cross Shadow, Author: Andrew Huff
Title: A Cross to Kill, Author: Andrew Huff

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