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Title: The Analects, Author: Confucius
Title: Taming the Tiger Within: Meditations on Transforming Difficult Emotions, Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Title: The Complete I Ching - 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Translation by Taoist Master Alfred Huang, Author: Taoist Master Alfred Huang
Title: I Ching: The Book of Change, Author: John Blofeld
Title: The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes: 40th Anniversary Edition, Author: Theodora Lau
Title: Confucianism: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Daniel K. Gardner
Title: The Analects of Confucius, Author: Arthur Waley
Title: I Ching: The Essential Translation of the Ancient Chinese Oracle and Book of Wisdom (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition), Author: John Minford
Title: Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World, Author: Yu Dan
Title: Mencius, Author: Anonymous
Title: The Sayings of Confucius, Author: Confucius
Title: Mengzi: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries / Edition 1, Author: Mengzi
Title: I Ching: The Book of Changes, Author: James Legge
Title: The Taoist I Ching, Author: Lui I-Ming
Title: The Ethics Of Confucius, Author: Miles Menander Dawson
Title: Buddhist I Ching, Author: Chih-Hsu Ou-I
Title: What is African American Religion?, Author: Anthony Pinn (Editor)
Title: Understanding the I Ching: The Wilhelm Lectures on the Book of Changes, Author: Hellmut Wilhelm
Title: Mencius (Classics of Chinese Philosophy and Literature), Author: Mencius
Title: The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching, Author: Carol K. Anthony

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