Title: Going Rogue, Author: Ottilie Weber
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Title: A Promised Fate, Author: Cat Mann
Title: Witch & Wizard: The Kiss: FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 16 Chapters), Author: James Patterson
Title: Fear To Live For, Author: Ayush Srivastava
Title: Captain Avery The Galactic Bank Heist, Author: Sheldon Rogers
Title: Transmissao (As Cronicas da Invasao Livro Um): um Thriller de Ficcao Cientifica, Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Must-Read Teen Novel Sampler: For the Teen in All of Us: A Collection of Fabulous Reads, Author: Lauren Oliver
Title: Shadowed Seats (Oliana Mercer Series, #1), Author: Marguerite Ashton
Title: Necromancer: A Novella, Author: Lish McBride
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Title: Breaking Free After a Breakup, Author: David & Ella
Title: Journey to the End: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel, Author: Zoe Wynns
Title: Meeting the Hero, Author: Clarice Lauv
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Title: Passioni e Inganni - Raccolta di Romanzi, Author: Paola Secondin
Title: The Hammock (Syren Signature Series, #1), Author: Heather Beck
Title: Awakening, Author: Leigh Walker
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Title: Dangerous (Element Preservers, #1), Author: Alycia Linwood
Title: The Fire Prophecy, Author: Megan Linski
1 in Series
Title: 2016 Presidential Election 120 (Deutsche Ausgabe), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: Dawn's Acapella, Author: Libby Robare
Title: Cyber's Change, Author: Jamie Davis
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