Title: Cheeted, Author: Cheezi D Cheetah
Title: The Eli Marks Short Mystery Bundle:
Title: Blurred Lions, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Gun Crazy, Author: P X Duke
Title: Behind Closed Doors (Harry Briscombe Series, #1), Author: Carolyn Mahony
Title: Blurred Lions 3, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Goose City Unhappily Ever After, Author: Linwood Ellsworth
Title: Ms Holmes, Author: John Noonan
Title: Witchnapped in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cosy Mystery Book 1, Author: Dionne Lister
Title: Surfing Detective Sampler (Surfing Detective Mystery Series), Author: Chip Hughes
Title: Exile, Author: Stuart Nealon
Title: Labyrinth of Terror, Author: Richard Wenzel
Title: The Fear Hunter, Author: Elise Sax
1 in Series
Title: Publishable By Death, Author: ACF Bookens
1 in Series
Title: Death Takes A Break, Author: Vikki Walton
1 in Series
Title: The Atlantis Keystone, Author: Caroline Valjemark
Title: One Green Bottle (Magali Rousseau mystery series, #1), Author: Curtis Bausse
Title: Natale Calibro Dodici, Author: P.A. Gardinali
Title: A Set of Sisters, Author: Melissa F. Miller
1 in Series
Title: Crown Cliff, Author: Marc DiGiacomo

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