Title: Hystericals Origins: Leslie Thompson Chapter One, Author: Jennifer Gisselbrecht Hyena
Title: You Will Bow: A Dark Mafia Romance, Author: Ember Michaels
Title: The Windorah Job, Author: Katherine Franks
Title: All the Glitter, Author: P X Duke
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Title: Sunshine Hunter, Author: Maddie Cochere
1 in Series
Title: A Trace of Death (a Keri Locke Mystery--Book #1), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: Janja Mota, Author: Jennifer Gisselbrecht Hyena
Title: Strange Elements, Author: Emerson Scott
Title: The Trouble with Trains and Snakes, Author: Jennifer Gisselbrecht Hyena
Title: The Invisible Assistant, Author: John Gaspard
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Title: Mistletoe, Magic, & Murder, Author: Ruby Blaylock
Title: Did I Die?, Author: Gareth Parker
Title: Your Sweet Man, Author: Libby Fischer Hellmann
Title: Fly Paper Soup (David Winter Mysteries, #1), Author: Cleve Sylcox
Title: Karma's a Bitch: A Short Story, Author: Michael Goffinet
Title: EISKALTE BERÜHRUNG (Die Abenteuer der Everly Gray), Author: L.j. Charles
Title: The Bitter Truth, Author: Ed Silva Jr
Title: The Ice Maiden, Author: Michael Saunders
Title: Tuesday's Child (Psychic Visions Series #1), Author: Dale Mayer
1 in Series
Title: The Lost Carpet Bag, Author: DH Verbeek

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