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Title: FAME: David Bowie, Author: Mike Lynch
Title: Anna & Barbara 1, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Betty Bombshell Part one, Author: Brandon noel
Title: Bum Rap, Vol. 1 (Uncensored), Author: Chet D. Cain
Title: So Buttons #1 (Larger Nook Color Version), Author: Jonathan Baylis
Title: Take Me With You, Vol. 1 (Uncensored), Author: Beitris K. Allan
Title: FAME: David Beckham, Author: Peter Rogers
Title: Velvet Sins I, Author: Dirty Mary
Title: Flocks 1: A Paradox of Faith, Author: L. Nichols
Title: Meet Molly the Mummy, Author: Weirdna Bar
Title: An Angel's Guide Part 1 To Doing More Profitable Business, Author: Doc Miller
Title: Stepford MILFS #1: Sexploitation, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Galaxy Trek #1, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Birds Do It, No. 1 (Uncensored), Author: Tinie Whistler
Title: Lumberjanes Special: Beyond Bay Leaf, Author: Faith Erin Hicks
Title: Skating on Black ICE, Author: E.D. Kolmas
Title: HELPING HANDS - Help has risen #1 & In the beginning #2, Author: Tim Frentz
Title: Love Starts With Me, Author: Brett L. Bowden
Title: Behind Green Doors, No. 1, Author: Jean J. Harley
Title: AMERICA'S FUNNIEST BATHROOM GRAFFITI: Volume 1, Author: C. J. Phillips

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