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Title: FAME: Kristen Stewart, Author: Kimberly Sherman
Title: FAME: The Cast of Glee #1, Author: CW Cooke
Title: The Girl on the Train, Vol. 1 (Illustrated), Author: Colin R. Bryde
Title: Sexy Stars, Vol. 1, Author: Naoko Aino
Title: HELPING HANDS rebuilding in New Orleans #4, Author: Tim Frentz
Title: BLACKFUNK, Author: michael presley
Title: Skating on Black ICE, Author: E.D. Kolmas
Title: Make Me Want You: The Club 7A Trilogy, Author: Craven Lord
Title: Jungle Jayne #1: Barbara's Story, Author: Dan McGill
Title: The Nine Of Hearts, Author: Kristi Ambrose
Title: Galaxy Trek #1, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Flocks 1: A Paradox of Faith, Author: L. Nichols
Title: AMERICA'S FUNNIEST BATHROOM GRAFFITI: Volume 1, Author: C. J. Phillips
Title: Mafia Hairdresser, Author: jon-david Mafia Hairdresser
Title: War Nurse and Her Commandos #1, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Loserville: And Then You Might Explode #1 - FOrmatted for Nook, Author: Alex Cox
Title: A Viennese Christmas, Author: Lynn Crain
Title: Bum Rap, Vol. 1 (Uncensored), Author: Chet D. Cain
Title: Political Power: Glenn Beck, Author: Jerome Maida
Title: Anna & Barbara 1, Author: Dan McGill

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