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Title: Orbit: Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond, Author: CW Cooke
Title: Blood Lust: Comes the Night, Author: Valeri Varishe
Title: Orbit: George Lucas: Rise of an Empire, Author: John Michael Helmer
Title: SEX WARS 2084, BOOK ONE, Author: Frederick Beaudoin
Title: Naked Powers 1: Origins, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Pirates of Mars Volume 1, Author: JJ Kahrs
Title: Political Power: Al Franken, Author: Jerome Maida
Title: Political Power: Nelson Mandela, Author: Clay Griffith
Title: HOTS 4U, No. 1C, Author: Donna R. Romeo
Title: Political Power: Mitt Romney, Author: Marc Shapiro
Title: Take Me With You, Vol. 1 (Uncensored), Author: Beitris K. Allan
Title: Cross-Country Cruiser, 1, Author: Rod Palmer
Title: So Buttons #1 (Larger Nook Color Version), Author: Jonathan Baylis
Title: Political Power: Michele Bachmann, Author: CW Cooke
Title: FAME: David Bowie, Author: Mike Lynch
Title: An Angel's Guide Part 1 To Doing More Profitable Business, Author: Doc Miller
Title: FAME: David Beckham, Author: Peter Rogers
Title: Aten #1, Author: Dan McGill
Title: Film & Television: STUNTWOMAN! (Part 1), Author: Kelsee Devoreaux
Title: Finding Serenity, Volume 1, Author: LaShae Johnson

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