Title: Into The Sunset, Author: Weeda Anderson
Title: In the End: Apocalyptic Poetry, Author: Debra Kraft
Title: The Apartment Complex- Rebecca, Author: John Smith
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Title: TakeOut: The Prequel (A Sonoma Wine Country Cozy Mystery, #4), Author: A.J. Carton
Title: The Busboy, Author: Mike Bozart
Title: The Dhammapada Handbook, Author: Hallett German
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Title: Gus, Author: Mike P
by Mike P
Title: Dungeon Discipline For The Haughty Princess, Author: Steele Star
Title: Book of Secrets: A Suspenseful FBI Crime Thriller, Author: D.F. HART
#1 in Series
Title: Relatos Selectos, Author: Eugenio Pacelli Torres Valderrama
Title: Kisses, Suzi: A Short Horror Story, Author: Joanie Chevalier
Title: The Case of the Secret Admirer: Eve Snow Psychic P.I. 1, Author: Sandra Ross
Title: Sun on the Rocks: The Acapulco Cocktail, Author: Somers Isle & Loveshade
Title: 28 Seconds Later, Author: Duncan P. Bradshaw
Title: Vaglypso, Author: Dr. Steward 7K Lar
Title: The Rucksack: a novelette, Author: Jennifer Daniels Neal
Title: Merge, Author: Renata F. Barcelos
Title: Inextinguishable Love: Firefighter and Interracial Romance, Author: Sherly Harris
Title: Bosss Magical Latte : Suckled Brats 3 (Breast Feeding Erotica Nursing Erotica Lactation Erotica), Author: Sandie Cole
Title: Epic Yarns from Beyond the Horizon. The Petite Collection. Volume I., Author: Oleg Medvedkov

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