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Title: The New York Times, Author: The New York Times Company
Title: New York Daily News, Author: New York Daily News
Title: New York Post, Author: NYP Holdings Inc.
Title: The Boston Globe, Author: Boston Globe Media Partners LLC
Title: The Baltimore Sun, Author: Tribune Company
Title: The Providence Journal, Author: LMG Rhode Island Holdings Inc.
Title: The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, Author: Johns Hopkins University
Title: The Daily Free Press, Author: Boston University
Title: Cornell Daily Sun, Author: Cornell University
Title: Daily Collegian, Author: Pennsylvania State University
Title: Washington Square News, Author: New York University
Title: Inside Vandy, Author: Vanderbilt University
Title: The Daily Campus, Author: University of Connecticut
Title: Harvard Political Review, Author: Harvard University
Title: Massachusetts Daily Collegian, Author: University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Title: Pointer View, Author: United States Military Academy at West Point
Title: Gannon Knight, Author: Gannon University
Title: The Heights, Author: Boston College
Title: The Bates Student, Author: Bates College
Title: The District Chronicles, Author: Howard University

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