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Title: National Geographic, Author: National Geographic
Title: Discover, Author: Kalmbach Publishing Co
Title: Birds & Blooms, Author: Reader's Digest Association
Title: WIRED, Author: Condé Nast
Title: Popular Science, Author: Bonnier
Title: Smithsonian, Author: Smithsonian Enterprises
Title: Popular Mechanics, Author: Hearst
Title: Astronomy, Author: Kalmbach Publishing Co
Title: Catster, Author: Belvoir Media
Title: Dogster, Author: Belvoir Media
Title: National Geographic History, Author: National Geographic
Title: Air and Space Magazine, Author: Smithsonian Enterprises
Title: The Scientist, Author: The Scientist
Title: iD: Ideas & Discoveries, Author: Bauer Publishing
Title: Philosophy Now, Author: Anja Publications Ltd
Title: All About Space, Author: Future Publishing
Title: BBC Focus, Author: Immediate Media Company Limited
Title: First Things, Author: Institute on Religion and Public Life
Title: Zoobooks, Author: Wildlife Education Ltd.
Title: Wired - UK Edition, Author: Conde Nast UK

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