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The Jaguar's Children Book Cover Image
The Jaguar's Children

by John Vaillant

An unforgettable, page-turning survival story recounted by Hector, a man trapped inside a tanker truck during an illegal border crossing, telling of his hopes for rescue, the joys and trials of his life, and what has brought us all to this moment. Both an outstanding suspense novel and an arresting window into the relationship between two great cultures, John Vaillant’s novel shows how deeply interconnected all of us, always, are.

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Romance Daily Find: Fall in Love with This One Day Deal

A Royal Wedding Book Cover Image
A Royal Wedding

by Jeevani Charika

Campaigner, feminist, doctor, humanitarian—all words that Kumari would use to describe herself. Potential princess? Not even in the vocabulary. But when Kumari's charity work catapults her into the limelight and brings her to the attention of Prince Benedict—playboy prince and sixth in line to the British throne—all bets are off. The attraction between them is instant. But, according to the press, Prince Benedict might just have found the most unsuitable bride. Will love win the day?

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