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Title: The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington, Author: Brad Meltzer
Title: A Slave in the White House: Paul Jennings and the Madisons, Author: Elizabeth Dowling Taylor
Title: Alexander Hamilton: A Life, Author: Willard Sterne Randall
Title: The Loyal Son: The War in Ben Franklin's House, Author: Daniel Mark Epstein
Title: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History, Author: Brian Kilmeade
Title: The Federalist Papers, Author: Alexander Hamilton
Title: His Excellency: George Washington, Author: Joseph J. Ellis
Title: Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr, Author: Nancy  Isenberg
Title: The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates, Author: Ralph Ketcham
Title: The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin, Author: H. W. Brands
Title: America's Constitution: A Biography, Author: Akhil Reed Amar
Title: Thomas Jefferson: Author of America, Author: Christopher Hitchens
Title: The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson, Author: David Barton
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Title: Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founders Who Fought Big Government, Author: Mike Lee
Title: The Invention of Air: A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and the Birth of America, Author: Steven Johnson
Title: War of Two: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Duel that Stunned the Nation, Author: John Sedgwick
Title: Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82, Author: Elizabeth A. Fenn
Title: Twilight at Monticello: The Final Years of Thomas Jefferson, Author: Alan Pell Crawford
Title: Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders, Author: Denise A. Spellberg
Title: Original Politics: Making America Sacred Again, Author: Glenn Aparicio Parry
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