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Title: Ghost Detective: A Myron Vale Investigation, Author: Scott William Carter
Title: Nocturne for a Widow (Sybil Ingram Victorian Mysteries book 1), Author: Amanda DeWees
Title: Maggie for Hire (Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker, #1), Author: Kate Danley
Title: Gateway, Author: Christina Garner
Title: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Books 1 - 3, Author: J. L. Bryan
Title: A Spirited Manor (O'Hare House Mysteries, #1), Author: Kate Danley
Title: Dollhouse (The Dark Carousel, #1), Author: Anya Allyn
Title: Midnight Magic (A Ghost & Abby Mystery, #1), Author: Jo-Ann Carson
Title: MoonRise: A Quirky, Snarky Urban Fantasy, Author: David VanDyke
Title: The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (Audio-eBook), Author: Irving
Title: The All Souls Real-time Reading Companion, Author: Deborah Harkness
Title: NightShade Forensic Files: Vol 1 (Books 1-4), Author: A.J. Scudiere
Title: Forever Road, Author: Catie Rhodes
Title: Kurtain Motel (The Sin Series Book 1), Author: A.I. Nasser
Title: Ancient Echoes, Author: Joanne Pence
Title: Temple Secrets, Author: Susan Gabriel
Title: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper, Author: J. L. Bryan
Title: What Fate Portends, Author: Clara Coulson
Title: Witch of the Water, Author: B. B. Griffith
Title: Magic of the Gargoyles, Author: Rebecca Chastain

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