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A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal
The Lufthansa Heist: Behind the Six-Million-Dollar Cash Haul That Shook the World
Unfreedom of the Press
Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga
The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America
Hook: Dead to Rights
My Mother, a Serial Killer
Darkness to Light
The Irish Americans: A History
Empire of Deception: The Incredible Story of a Master Swindler Who Seduced a City and Captivated the Nation
Michael Jordan: The Life
Dodge City: Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the Wickedest Town in the American West
Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood
Cro-Magnon: How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans

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Unfreedom of the Press
The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America
Darkness to Light
The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World
Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee
The Lost Girls
Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered: The Definitive How-to Guide
The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life
The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great
From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home
Spying on the South: An Odyssey Across the American Divide
The Lost Pharaohs
The Indian War of 1864
Unmasked: Big Media's War Against Trump
The Killer Across the Table: Unlocking the Secrets of Serial Killers and Predators with the FBI's Original Mindhunter

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A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts Pre-Order Now
A Journey Through Potions and Herbology Pre-Order Now
A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy Pre-Order Now
A Journey Through Care of Magical Creatures Pre-Order Now
Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know Pre-Order Now
American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century Pre-Order Now
A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston Pre-Order Now
Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer: The Death Row Interviews Pre-Order Now
Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love Pre-Order Now
How to Be an Antiracist Pre-Order Now
Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties Pre-Order Now
The Beautiful Ones Pre-Order Now
The Sixth Man Pre-Order Now
Crusaders: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands Pre-Order Now
The Family Next Door: The Heartbreaking Imprisonment of the Thirteen Turpin Siblings and Their Extraordinary Rescue Pre-Order Now