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Title: The Amazing Piano, Author: Bobette Stanbridge
Title: Arthur Ashe - A Short Biography for Kids, Author: Jonathan Madden
Title: The Million Year Meal, Author: Ian Lucas
Title: Catheter, Come Home, Author: Steve Rudd
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Title: Fat Girls from Outer Space, Author: Fran Orenstein
Title: History of Dental Care for Kids, Author: Jack Madden
Title: Gamer's Great Escape, Author: Mike Morley
Title: My First Dental Visit: A New Perspective: Mi Primera Visita Dental: Una Nueva Perspectiva, Author: Arlene J. Hibbler
Title: A Boy and a Turtle: A Children's Relaxation Story, Author: Lori Lite
Title: Danger at Graves Light, Author: Mary Mills Barrow
Title: Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew! The Mysterious Teacher and Her Class of Unlikely Super Heroes, Author: Mark Whyte
Title: Awakening Consciousness: A Girl's Guide!, Author: Robin Marvel
Title: Mom's Story, A Child Learns About MS, Author: Mary Nickum
Title: How Babies Get Smarter, Author: Joseph Madden
Title: All about Hair for Kids, Author: Charlene Ryan
Title: Just Dance 2014 - Quick Reference Guide, Author: Jennifer Moreau