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Title: Doctor for Christmas, Author: Patricia W. Fischer
Title: Healing Her Cowboy, Author: Kay Lyons
Title: A Doctor's Promise, Author: Laura Scott
Title: When We Fall, Author: J. H. Croix
Title: The Extra, Author: Janci Patterson
Title: Talk to Me, Author: Roseanne Beck
Title: It's a Christmas Thing, Author: Janet Dailey
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Title: Royal Heartbreaker, Author: Ember Casey
Title: Tasting Fire, Author: Kelsey Browning
Title: Over Heated, Author: Eilzabeth Lennox
Title: Falling For Her Boss, Author: Kay Lyons
Title: Back To You, Author: Kimberly Kincaid
Title: Cured, Author: Stacy Eaton
Title: Bluefield Bad Boys: The Complete Series, Author: Tess Oliver
Title: Their Secret Son, Author: Kay Lyons
Title: A Doctor's Secret, Author: Laura Scott
Title: Playing Until the End, Author: Stephanie Queen
Title: Star Crossed, Author: JA Huss
Title: Sweet Fire, Author: J. H. Croix
Title: Second Chances, Author: Kay Lyons

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