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Title: Dark Path, Author: Melissa F. Miller
Title: Murder Above the Fold, Author: ReGina Welling
Title: Dying For A Date, Author: Cindy Sample
Title: Skin and Blond, Author: V. J. Chambers
Title: Cooking Spirits: An Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mystery, Author: Joanne Pence
Title: Good Night, Mr. Holmes (Irene Adler Series #1), Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Title: Deadly Bones, Author: Terry Odell
Title: A Ghost of a Chance: A Viola Valentine Mystery, Author: Cherie Claire
Title: Shop and Let Die, Author: Kelly McClymer
Title: Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series Boxed Set Vol 1 (Books 1 - 4), Author: Leighann Dobbs
Title: Man of Many Talents, Author: Deborah Simmons
Title: Black & Blue (Lord & Lady Hetheridge #4), Author: Emma Jameson
Title: The Jack Reacher Cases (A Hard Man To Forget), Author: Dan Ames
Title: A Dozen Deadly Roses, Author: Kathy Bennett
Title: Death in the English Countryside, Author: Sara Rosett
Title: Cold Pursuit, Author: Toni Anderson
Title: Left Hanging (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 2), Author: Patricia McLinn
Title: With This Curse, Author: Amanda DeWees
Title: The Ex Who Wouldn't Die, Author: Sally Berneathy

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