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A Cowboy's Honor
Law and Murder (Washington Vampires Series #2)
Rescuing Harley
Cursed Once More: The Sequel to With This Curse
Jaimie: Fire and Ice (The Wilde Sisters: Book Two)
White Diamonds (Capitol Chronicles - Book 2)
Emerald (Chase Family Series: The Jewels, Book 2)
Centauri Midnight, a sci-fi romance
Falling for the Sheikh
Of One Heart: A St. Briac Family Novel
Erick (SEALs of Steel Series #2)
Reaper of Dreams
Mission: Impossible to Surrender
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Title: Tell No Lies, Author: Tanya Anne Crosby
Title: The Echo of Broken Dreams, Author: C.J. Archer
Title: Bones in the Begonias, Author: Dale Mayer
Title: Runaway Tide: A Sea Glass Inn Novel, Author: Julie Carobini
Title: Once A Wife, Author: Patricia Keelyn
Title: Maneuver, Author: Chelle Bliss
Title: Law and Murder (Washington Vampires Series #2), Author: Mindy Klasky
Title: Iris in Bloom (Take a Chance, Book 2), Author: Nancy Warren
Title: Goaltending, Author: Jami Davenport
Title: Private Eye, Author: Alyssa Day
Title: A Pinch of Commitment (Veils and Vows, #2), Author: Jean Oram
Title: Wedding on the Beach, Author: Kay Correll
Title: Rescuing Harley, Author: Susan Stoker
Title: Erick (SEALs of Steel Series #2), Author: Dale Mayer
Title: Wrangled, Author: Vanessa Vale
Title: Ransomed by Kashatok, Author: Tamsin Ley
Title: Fully Involved, Author: Amy Knupp
Title: February in Atlantis (Poseidon's Warriors Series #2), Author: Alyssa Day
Title: The Leading Lady, Author: Deb Marlowe
Title: Surprised by a Baby, Author: Mindy Neff

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