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Title: Death in the Dark, Author: Emily Kimelman
Title: The Hunt for Truth, Author: Sury Patru Viswam
Title: Verse and Vengeance, Author: Amanda Flower
Title: Beers Tapped Out, Author: PM LaRose
Title: A Detectives Triumphs, Author: Dick Donovan
Title: Crime Tears On, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: The Angler's Tale, Author: Jack Benton
Title: Tie Die, Author: Max Tomlinson
Title: Stealing the Countess, Author: David Housewright
Title: Vanishing in the Haight, Author: Max Tomlinson
Title: Beneath the Ashes, Author: Sue Henry
Title: The Bad Shepherd, Author: Da;e Nelson
Title: Deadfall, Author: Sue Henry
Title: Insatiable, Author: Emily Kimelman
Title: Q is for Quarry, Author: Sue Grafton
Title: JOEL - The Craigdon Family Dynasty, Author: Chris Taylor
Title: Driftnet, Author: Lin Anderson
Title: All Junkies Float, Author: Clarke Wainikka
Title: Deadly Code, Author: Lin Anderson
Title: Hi Five, Author: Joe Ide

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