Title: Duran Duran, Artist: Duran Duran
Title: Buy American, Artist: DB Cooper
Title: Dangerous Curves, Artist: D.B. Cooper
Title: Playlist: The Very Best of Cheap Trick, Artist: Cheap Trick
Title: 10 Great Songs, Artist: Duran Duran
Title: Authorized Greatest Hits, Artist: Cheap Trick
Title: Ultra Feel [Bonus Track], Artist: Rubber
Title: Evening of the Harvest [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Translator
Title: Schizophrenic Circus [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Red Rockers
Title: Standing on Ceremony [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Figures on a Beach
Title: I Ran (So Far Away)/New Year's Day, Artist: Effcee
Title: Force Ten, Artist: Force 10
Title: Mantra [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Shelter
Title: Hopelessly Devoted to You, Vol. 3, Artist:
Title: No Gimmicks Needed, Artist: Kill Your Idols
Title: Hate You, Artist: Daredevils
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Title: I Whistle You Dance, Artist: Dicky B. Hardy
Title: Duran Duran (The Wedding Album), Artist: Duran Duran
Title: The B-52's, Artist: The B-52s