Title: Mambo Italiano
Title: Highlander: The Final Dimension
Director: Andy Morahan
Title: Scandalous Behavior
Title: Nikki:  Wild Dog of the North
Title: The Red Green Show: The Best of Red Green
Title: The Great Land of Small
Director: Vojtech Jasný
Title: The List
Director: Sylvain Guy
Title: Grizzly Falls
Director: Stewart Raffill
Title: La Grande Séduction
Title: Blackjack
Director: John Woo
Title: Winterhawk / Fish Hawk
Title: Anne of Avonlea
Director: Kevin Sullivan
Title: Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart
Director: Jason Ensler
Title: Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe
Director: Damian Lee
Title: Little Men
Director: Rodney Gibbons
Title: Felicia's Journey
Director: Atom Egoyan
Title: Time Runner
Director: Michael Mazo
Title: Warner Comedy Movies
Title: Red Green: Duct Tape Virtuoso Deluxe
Title: Winter Lily
Director: Roshell Bissett

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