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Title: The World's Biggest Motorcycle Race: The Daytona 200, Author: Rusty Rae
Title: Kevin Harvick: Racing to the Top, Author: Tom Robinson
Title: Motorcycle Challenge, Trials and Races, Author: Corinne J. Naden
Title: Darrell Waltrip: Racing Legend, Author: Marty Gitlin
Title: Classic Sports Cars, Author: Richard L. Knudson
Title: Moto Freestyle, Author: Tracy Nelson Maurer
Title: The Glory Ride, Road Racing, Author: Jay Denan
Title: Snowmobile Racing, Author: Nicole Puleo
Title: Motocross and Trials, Author: Jeremy Evans
Title: Richard Petty: The King of Racing, Author: J. Chris Roselius
Title: The Handbook of Motocross, Author: Jerry Murray
Title: Grand National Championship Races, Author: John Yaw
Title: Danica Patrick: Racing to History, Author: J. Chris Roselius
Title: Cycle Chase, Author: Corinne J. Naden
Title: Supercross Motorcycle Racing, Author: Jeff Savage
Title: Dale Earnhardt, Sr.: The Intimidator, Author: James MacDonald
Title: Jimmie Johnson, Author: David Armentrout
Title: Rough Rider, Author: Corinne J. Naden
Title: Start Your Engines: Racing the Championship Trail, Author: Jay Denan
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Title: Demolition Derby, Author: Jeff Savage

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