Title: #blacklivesmatter: Protesting Racism, Author: Rachael L Thomas
Title: What Do You Stand For? For Kids: A Guide to Building Character (EasyRead Large Edition), Author: Barbara A. Lewis
Title: The Tulsa Race Riot, Author: Duchess  Harris
Title: #metoo: Unveiling Abuse, Author: Megan Borgert-Spaniol
Title: #pride: Championing LGBTQ Rights, Author: Rebecca Felix
Title: A Refugee's Journey from Bhutan, Author: Linda Barghoorn
Title: Immigration and Refugees, Author: Heather C. Hudak
Title: Great E-Sports Debates, Author: Meg Marquardt
Title: Gaming With Bloxels, Author: Amy Quinn
Title: Jabberwocky and Other Poems, Author: Tig Thomas
Title: Stand Up to Bullying, Author: Frank Murphy
Title: A Refugee's Journey from Syria, Author: Helen Mason
Title: 12 Women in Equlity and Social Justice, Author: Brianna L DeVore
Title: Online Privacy, Author: Julie Marzolf
Title: #iamawitness: Confronting Bullying, Author: Jessica Rusick
Title: Stand Up for Fairness, Author: Frank Murphy
Title: A Refugee's Journey From Myanmar, Author: Ellen Rodger
Title: Children in the Industrial Revolution, Author: Russell Roberts
Title: Insults Aren't Funny: What to Do About Verbal Bullying, Author: Amanda F Doering
Title: A Refugee's Journey from El Salvador, Author: Linda Barghoorn

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