Title: And Tango Makes Three, Author: Justin Richardson
Title: It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity, Author: Theresa Thorn
Title: Who Was Harvey Milk?, Author: Corinne A. Grinapol
Title: What Was Stonewall?, Author: Nico Medina
Title: Sex is a Funny Word: A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and YOU, Author: Cory Silverberg
Title: Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag, Author: Rob Sanders
Title: Our Rainbow, Author: Little Bee Books
Title: The Stonewall Riots: Coming Out in the Streets, Author: Gayle E Pitman
Title: I Am Jazz, Author: Jessica Herthel
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Title: Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution, Author: Rob Sanders
Title: The Gender Wheel: a story about bodies and gender for every body, Author: Maya Christina Gonzalez
Title: The Every Body Book: The LGBTQ+ Inclusive Guide for Kids about Sex, Gender, Bodies, and Families, Author: Rachel E. Simon
Title: Mayor Pete: The Story of Pete Buttigieg, Author: Rob Sanders
Title: A de activista, Author: Martha E. Gonzalez
Title: The GayBCs, Author: M. L. Webb
Title: They She He Me: Free to Be!, Author: Maya Christina Gonzalez
Title: My Princess Boy, Author: Cheryl Kilodavis
Title: Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope, Author: Jodie Patterson Pre-Order Now
Title: Gay & Lesbian History for Kids: The Century-Long Struggle for LGBT Rights, with 21 Activities, Author: Jerome Pohlen
Title: Who Are You?: The Kid's Guide to Gender Identity, Author: Brook Pessin-Whedbee

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