Title: Scared Silly!: SpongeBob's Book of Spooky Jokes (SpongeBob SquarePants), Author: Nickelodeon Publishing
Title: Funny Jokes for Kids, Author: Riley Weber
Title: Valentines Riddles, Author: Riley Weber
Title: Jokes for Kids: The big book of silly jokes for kids, Author: Michael Parr
Title: Jokes For Kids: 301 Funny Holiday Jokes & Riddles, Author: Lizzy Burbank
Title: Tongue Twisters for Kids 2, Author: Riley Weber
Title: Tongue Twisters for Kids, Author: Riley Weber
Title: Riddles: The best riddle book for clever kids, Author: Tony Davis
Title: School Jokes -- Sheila's Fav's 4, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Bearday Party -- Living in the Wild 8, Author: Desi Northup
Title: LOL-apalooza Jokes: More Than 444 Jokes for Kids, Author: Thomas Nelson
Title: Hilariously Lame Jokes!: 500 of the Best Worst Jokes That Get a Side-Splitting Laugh (Or at Least an Eye-Rolling Groan), Author: Harry Hilton
Title: Brilliant Kids Best Brain Teasers, Author: Peter Hill
Title: Kids Puzzles To Surprise Friends, Author: William Henry
Title: Kids Knowledge Booster Puzzles, Author: Mark Connell
Title: Run Away Pig -- A Day on the Farm 22, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Kids Puzzles : 100 Tricky Puzzles, Author: Peter Hill
Title: Kids Giant Puzzles Collection, Author: Kevin Ellis
Title: Butterflies & Zebras ?, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Riddles: Funny riddles for clever kids, Author: Michael Parr

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