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Title: The Price Of Blood, Author: Howard Pyle
Title: The Lady From The Sea, Author: Henrik Ibsen
Title: Mary Barton, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: Where Do Rainbows Go?, Author: Nancy C. Youngblood
Title: Ngoto's Awesome Dreams: Lion, Author: Carl Simon
Title: Phaeton Rogers, Author: Rossiter Johnson
Title: The Brownie of Bodsbeck, and Other Tales: Vol. II, Author: James Hogg
Title: Tom Sawyer Abroad, Author: Mark Twain
Title: Trading Jeff and His Dog, Author: Jim Kjelgaard
Title: Daisy Miller: A Study, Author: Henry James
Title: What Men Live By And Other Tales, Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: Terry Tittles, Author: Virginia Kaplan
Title: Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog), Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Lotsa, the Rainbow-coloured Octopus, Author: Grandma Quack Quack
Title: A Dark Night's Work, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: The Guyot Geographical Reader and Primer: A Series of Journeys Round the World, Author: Arnold Guyot
Title: The Great Conspiracy: Volume 1, Author: John Alexander Logan
Title: Julius Caesar, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Jesse Carlton, Author: Daniel Wise

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