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Title: God Created Everything!, Author: Desiree Naujock
Title: A Dark Night's Work, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse, Author: Anna Sewell
Title: Mansfield Park, Author: Jane Austen
Title: The Original Mother Goose 1916, Author: Blanche Fisher Wright
Title: All Sorts and Conditions of Men, Author: Walter Besant
Title: The Blue Fairy Book, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: The Ebbing of the Tide: South Sea Stories, Author: Louis Becke
Title: Thoughts out of Season,: Part I, Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Title: The Pink Fairy Book, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: We and Our Neighbors: A Novel, Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Title: A Little Wizard, Author: Stanley John Weyman
Title: The Viceroys Of Ireland, Author: Charles O'Mahony
Title: Curious, if True: Strange Tales, Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Title: Irving, Author: Mary Peterson
Title: The Usurper, Author: Judith Gautier
Title: The Price Of Blood, Author: Howard Pyle
Title: My Family Storybook, Author: Gwendolyn Leavell
Title: A Child's Garden of Verses: Abridged Edition for Boys and Girls, Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained: Being a complete analysis of the whole subject., Author: Moses Quinby

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