Title: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane Heroes Volume I, Author: American Humane
Title: The Real Halloween, Author: Grace M. Jolliffe
Title: Slow Poke, Author: Elaine Kaye
Title: The Squirrel Farmer, Author: Philip Davis
Title: Creepy Christmas, Author: Jaimie Admans
Title: Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy, Author: Wendy Knuth
Title: Luna the Autobiography of a Super Cat, Author: Luna Challis
Title: The Red Pyramid Chapter Sneak Peek, Author: Rick Riordan
Title: Tinken: Stories About A Little Boy Who Liked To Tinker With Things And Learn, Author: Vitalik Demin
Title: Tania Has An Idea!, Author: Kanika G
5 in Series
Title: The World According to Hollie, Author: Jade Lee
Title: Will and His Dog and the Robbers, Author: Paul Cook
3 in Series
Title: Tilly the Turtle: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!, Author: Uncle Amon
Title: Short Stories of Little Bears, Author: Toms Baugis
Title: The Witch in the Wood, Author: Juliet Mulberry
Title: Larco and the Dictionary, Author: Brian Cain
5 in Series
Title: Cassie's Dream, Author: Lana G. Hurn
Title: Me Tawk Funny, Author: Neil McFarlane
Title: Window Boy, Author: Andrea White
Title: Learning about Kindness - Special Edition of Harry The Happy Mouse, Author: N GK
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