Title: Christmas in Minto, Author: Denyse Mouck
Title: Of Cats and Neighbors, Author: Steve Stroble
Title: Adventures in Cottontail Pines: Kindred Hearts Day, Author: TK Wade
Title: Tania Gets Stitches, Author: Kanika G
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Title: Twinning Tales: Hoity & Toity, Author: Gavin Thomson
Title: Shannon and Ally Love Christmas, Author: Kate Everson
7 in Series
Title: The Arrowhead, Author: Charles Garcia
Title: Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy, Author: Wendy Knuth
Title: A Time for Mercy, Author: Terence O'Grady
Title: Boomer, Author: John N Whittaker
Title: Night Night Ninja, Author: Cally Finsbury
Title: Lint's New Teacher, Author: A M Layet
Title: Chiocciola e Farfalla, Author: Francesca Verginella
Title: 1 White Horse, Author: Alfred J. Garrotto
Title: Hold On To Your Dream, Author: Bethany Morlan
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Title: The Hero Feat of Hannah Helstrom, Author: J. Philip Horne
Title: Snow Dragon: Baby Bear, Author: Vil Brenet
Title: Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul, Author: Michelle Isenhoff
Title: The Spider Diaries: Part 1, Author: Isobel Archer
Title: Too Little or Too Big?, Author: Janice Alonso
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