Title: A Time for Mercy, Author: Terence O'Grady
Title: Victoria, Cat and Dixmould, Author: David Elvar
#4 in Series
Title: Wake Up for Ramadan, Grover! (Arabic Edition), Author: Hala Nobani
Title: Pandora's Lunch Box: Don't Open!, Author: Richard Clark
Title: Hiding From Seagulls, Author: John Wallis
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Title: Little Comics for Little Readers: Miss Pat, Author: Gloria Lapin
Title: Storie dalla Bibbia, Author: Edward Duncan Hughes
Title: Olivia and the Giant, Author: Salome Byleveldt
#1 in Series
Title: Find Your Hero Chapter Sampler: Excerpts from six of our stellar 2015 hero-themed middle-grade titles!, Author: Kevin Sands
Title: Brandon the Brain: The Time-Viewer, Author: Billy Prewitt
Title: Sisters Are Part of a Family, Author: Lucia Raatma
Title: Heroes A2Z #1: Alien Ice Cream, Author: David Anthony
Title: Kitty Castle Valentines, Author: Celesta Thiessen
Title: Un Montón de Coches, Author: Rebecca Bielawski
Title: Terror at the Lighthouse, Author: Terence O'Grady
Title: Stuart the House Pig, Author: Sarah Quelland
Title: Lint's New Teacher, Author: A M Layet
Title: Lantern, Author: Chess Desalls
Title: The Adventures of the FancyCrazyHydrants: The Mission, Author: Baltazar Ray
Title: Tania Gets Stitches, Author: Kanika G
#29 in Series

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