Title: Looks that Deceive, Author: Braxton Degarmo
Title: The Wedding, Author: Lorna Dounaeva
Title: Frozen Footprints (Christian Suspense Thriller), Author: Therese Heckenkamp
Title: Maya Hope, Author: Timothy Browne
Title: Off The Grid: Christian Romantic Suspense Novella, Author: Ruth Hartzler
Title: Love & Redemption, Author: Suzanne D Williams
Title: Tessa: From Fear to Faith, Author: Melissa Wiltrout
Title: Fallen Angels, Author: Julius schenk
Title: From Burden To Rest (Love That Freed Us, #1), Author: Lawrence Waymire
Title: SPIRIT Force, Author: Joe Spikes
Title: Whispers of the Damned, Author: Jamie Magee
Title: The Visitor: The Dark Corner - Book I (The Dark Corner Archives, #1), Author: Easton Livingston
Title: Convergence: Free Preview, Author: Ginny L. Yttrup
Title: Banish My Heart (Book 1 of The Grimm Laws Series), Author: Jennifer Youngblood
Title: The Gentile Witness, Enoch Book I, Author: Samuel David
Title: Misguided - The Jesus Assassin, Author: Jason Fort
Title: Koste Wat Het Kost (Een Luke Stone Thriller Boek #1), Author: Jack Mars
Title: Costly Obsession: Animalize, Author: Sasha Pruett
Title: La maison da cote (Un mystere suspense psychologique Chloe Fine Volume 1), Author: Blake Pierce
Title: A Ogni Costo (Un thriller di Luke StoneLibro Primo), Author: Jack Mars

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