Title: The Anxiety of Freedom: Imagination and Individuality in Locke's Political Thought, Author: Uday Singh Mehta
Title: Lessons from Critical Thinkers: Methods for Clear Thinking and Analysis in Everyday Situations from the Greatest Thinkers in History, Author: Albert Rutherford
Title: A Teenage Philosophy of Awareness and Existence: Analysis of the Columbine Shooters' Worldview, Author: Mathijs Koenraadt
Title: Life of Spinoza, Author: Francis Goode
Title: The Gift, Author: Ita Willen
Title: Overcoming Financial Failure: A Peace Treaty with the System, Author: Andrew L. Hicks
Title: Revolted, Author: Jean-Nichol Dufour
Title: A Baby Boomer's Take on Life, Author: Sylvia Berger
Title: Why You Should Believe in Me, Author: Daniel Marques
Title: Poetic-Dissertation, Author: Christian Andre Allen