Title: Side Effects, Author: Arne Vandamme
Title: They Call Us Star Seeds, Author: Skylar Senn
Title: Matty (A Matt Turner Series short), Author: Michael Siemsen
Title: No Comment: A (Reluctant) Interview with Geek Girl Lexi Carmichael, Author: Julie Moffett
Title: The King's Tea, Author: Alyssa Shields
Title: American Mayhem - Episode Two - It's real, It's Happening, You're in It, Author: Mackenzie Stark
Title: Waiter, There's a Clue in My Soup! Five Short Mysteries, Author: Camille LaGuire
Title: Cat Had a Tail, Author: Steven D. Bennett
Title: The First Kill, Author: Darcia Helle
Title: A Hyena Among Dogs, Author: Jennifer Gisselbrecht Hyena
Title: Emma Vardaman: Insurance Private Eye #13, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Rails of Tales #1, Author: Emma M Vardaman
Title: Vardaman Vendetta #1, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Are You Well?, Author: Andrew Lamont
Title: Dead And Buried: Where the Bodies Lie, Author: Jenni M Rose
Title: Static Street, Author: tamara ariole
Title: Snowdrifts, Author: K. P. Ambroziak
Title: A, Author: A.J. Henderson
Title: The Billabong Incident, Author: Allen Hancock
Title: Vardaman Vendetta #2, Author: Aaron Solomon

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