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Title: Clover Park Boxed Set (Books 1-3), Author: Kylie Gilmore
Title: The Fix, Author: Sylvie Stewart
Title: Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1), Author: Zara Keane
Title: Kiss A Girl In The Rain (Take a Chance, Book 1), Author: Nancy Warren
Title: Wanna Get Lucky? (The Lucky O'Toole Vegas Adventure Series, Book 1), Author: Deborah Coonts
Title: An Affair To Dismember, Author: Elise Sax
Title: The Final Arrangement, Author: Annie Adams
Title: Whiskey Rebellion (Addison Holmes Series #1), Author: Liliana Hart
Title: Royal Catch: The Rourkes, Book 1, Author: Kylie Gilmore
Title: Mango Cake and Murder (Mom and Christy's Cozy Mysteries, #1), Author: Christy Murphy
Title: Never Buried (Leigh Koslow Mystery Series #1), Author: Edie Claire
Title: Death by Chocolate, Author: Sally Berneathy
Title: Shift Work, Author: Brock Bloodworth
Title: Resisting the Bad Boy: Serial Trilogy, Book #1 (CAN'T RESIST series), Author: Violet Duke
Title: Smart Tass (OHellNo Series #1), Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Title: The Ex Who Wouldn't Die, Author: Sally Berneathy
Title: Memoirs of a Time Traveler, Author: Doug Molitor
Title: Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Series #1), Author: Angie Fox
Title: Weekend Surrender, Author: Lori King

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