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Title: Fairy and the Lost Wings: Children's Bed Time Story, Author: Dr. MC
Title: An Irish Tale, Author: Terence O'Grady
Title: Charming Academy, Author: Jessica L. Elliott
Title: Children's Ghost Stories, Author: Andrew Murray
Title: Nellie Green the Jelly Bean, Author: EF Clark
Title: Save Mermaid Kingdom!, Author: Celesta Thiessen
Title: Bogamus in Space, Author: Nathan A Jones
Title: Oberon's Children, Author: Hal Emerson
Title: Ellie and the Mushroom Thief, Author: Kate Amedeo
Title: Hah and Grr: A Retelling of Hansel and Gretel, Author: Shelley Chappell
Title: A Treasure Chest of Children's Stories -, Author: Anita Kovacevic
Title: Cinderella Sarah: Bedtime Stories for Children, Fun Classroom Read Alouds and Short Stories for Kids, Author: Karen Cossey
Title: Fables and Enchantments, Author: Camille LaGuire
Title: Pagan Apocalypse (Wrath of the Old Gods (Young Adult), #1), Author: John Triptych
Title: The Forest of Adventures (The Knight Trilogy, #1), Author: Katie M John
Title: Witch Grannies: The Case of the Lonely Banshee, Author: Gary J Byrnes
Title: Nocturnal Academy, Author: Ethan Somerville
Title: William Wright and the Dragon's Treasure, Author: Uriah Szilagyi
Title: The Mermaids, Author: Angela Hope
Title: The Prince Who Turned Into a Toad: A Retelling of The Frog Prince, Author: Shelley Chappell

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