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Title: Fade (Chaos #2), Author: Claire Farrell
Title: Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell (Book 1), Author: I.D. Blind
Title: Rip Van Winkle (Audio-eBook), Author: Irving
Title: One Night With The Fae, Author: Claire Farrell
Title: Elementals: The Wrath of the Fury, Author: Michelle Madow
Title: Bunny and a Plane. Dream of the Sky., Author: Roman Grachev
Title: Dinosaur and Monster and The Magic Carpet (Dinosaur and Monster stories, #1), Author: Suzanne Pollen
Title: Bogamus the Troll, Author: Nathan A Jones
Title: Cinderella is Evil, Author: Jamie Campbell
Title: Poseidon's Academy, Author: Sarah A Vogler
Title: Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy, Author: Wendy Knuth
Title: Witch Hollow and the Fountain Riddle (Book 2), Author: I.D. Blind
Title: The Twelve Labours of Hercules, Author: Joe Corcoran
Title: The Fae Realm (Faery Tales, #1), Author: Ronel Janse van Vuuren
Title: Rick Riordan Presents Free Sampler, Author: Roshani Chokshi
Title: The Witch Who Stole The Pink, Author: Paul Xylinides
Title: Through the Mirror and Into Snow, Author: Ann T Bugg
Title: Charming Academy, Author: Jessica L. Elliott
Title: Children of Icarus, Author: Caighlan Smith
Title: An Irish Tale, Author: Terence O'Grady

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