Title: Utopia, Author: Thomas More
Title: Walden, Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Political Animals and The Godfather, Author: Dr. Colm Gillis
Title: The Sources of Anti-Slavery Constitutionalism in America, 1760-1848, Author: William M. Wiecek
Title: Walden and On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Eighty Years and More; Reminiscences 1815-1897, Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Title: The Pope and Chinese Torture Camps A Digest of Biblical Apologetics #4, Author: Richie Cooley
Title: Trump's New Tax Plan, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: Modern Dictators: Third World Coup Makers, Strongmen, and Populist Tyrants, Author: Barry Rubin
Title: Theory of Bipolar World:The Road to Communism Found in the Evolutionary Structure of World History, Author: Huang Fenglin
Title: Harmony and Balance in the World, Author: Latoya Abulu
Title: The 2013 American Values Survey: In Search of Libertarianism in America, Author: Robert P. Jones
Title: Path Finder, Author: John Elmer Lee
Title: The Bigfoot Chronicles, Author: Mike Palecek
Title: Revolution of the Mind: Higher Learning among the Bolsheviks, 1918-1929, Author: Michael David-Fox
Title: Warriors and Politicians: US Civil-Military Relations under Stress, Author: Charles A. Stevenson
Title: Thanks, To A Nam Vet, Author: Wayne Jordan
Title: Russian Economic Reform, Author: James Leitzel
Title: Christianity, Islam and Nationalism in Indonesia, Author: Charles E. Farhadian
Title: Political Transition and Inclusive Development in Malawi: The democratic dividend, Author: Dan Banik
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