Title: The Teaching Millionaire: How Anyone Can Teach Online & Earn Money, Author: TeachRightNow.net
Title: Discover Your Gift: 12 Signs Your Gift is Calling, Author: Steve Sample
Title: Writing Tips For Writers (Authors Unite Book Series, #2), Author: Tyler Wagner
Title: Brand You! To Land Your Dream Job (7 Chapter Essentials): A Step-by-Step Guide To Find a Great Job, Get Hired & Jumpstart Your Career, Author: Diane Huth
Title: Editing Tips For Writers (Authors Unite Book Series, #3), Author: Tyler Wagner
Title: What Should I Do With My Life? Real Advice From Young Adults On Work & Study, Author: Christel Price
Title: The Big Idea (Authors Unite Book Series, #1), Author: Tyler Wagner
Title: Find What You Love: 5 Tips to Uncover Your Passion Quickly and Easily, Author: Thibaut Meurisse
Title: Resumes That Sizzle Template for MSWord, Author: Mallory Chamberlin
Title: Shocking Career Secrets: Free Edition, Author: Ryan Firestorm
Title: Tips for an Effective Job Search, Author: Megan Koehler
Title: Switching Lanes on Life's Journey (Abridged Version), Author: Alexandra B Kelemen
Title: No Need to Apply - 7 Easy Steps to Land a Dream Job Without Appying, Author: Jack B. Lackie
Title: The Perfect Curriculum Vitae, Author: Brad Samson
Title: Make Your Purpose Your Profession!: Three Easy Steps To Select The Careers You Will Love, Author: Jo Paulson
Title: Quick Job Search Tips for Teens, Author: L.T. Buck
Title: Job Search Essentials 2.0, Author: Jim Wilson
Title: The Apple Store Job Fair (Essay), Author: C.D. Reimer
Title: The A Player-How To Win At Work, Author: Rick Crossland
Title: The Freelance Economy, Author: ONTRAPORT

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