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Title: Valhalla, Author: H. P. Mallory
Title: The Time Machine, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: Minutemen (The Guardians of Time, #1), Author: David Danforth
Title: The Guardian (The Divine Chronicles, #0), Author: Rob Radcliffe
Title: Quantum Wanderlust, Author: Mae Clair
Title: The Skipback: A Short Time Travel Story, Author: Nick Herntier
Title: Timelock, Author: Nicholas Stillman
Title: Carpe Tempus, Author: Daniel Adorno
Title: Snow, Author: Mikayla Elliot
Title: The Kind (The Recoverist Quartet, #1), Author: Jule Owen
Title: Seeking Sirius, SciFi Suspense with a Metaphysical twist (Crystal Ceres Time Travel Books, #1), Author: Laure Edwards Reminick
Title: Tempest (Prologue), Author: John Macallen Davis
Title: The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (The House Next Door, #1), Author: Jule Owen
Title: The Interdimensional Subwoofer: A dimension hopping, time traveling, science fiction novel (The Corpse), Author: Richard B Knight
Title: Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens Book one: The Doctor Who isn't a Time Lord, Author: Mark Speed
Title: BACK TO THE FUTURE IV, Author: Michel Labbé
Title: Jane In Space I, Author: Polly Connor
Title: A Pisa The Action, Author: Rob Guy
Title: Sleeper, Author: M.K. Woollard
Title: Paralysis Paradox (Time Travel Through Past Lives Adventure Series, #1), Author: Stewart Sanders

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