Title: Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life, Author: Barbara Stanny
Title: Awakening: Ladies, Leadership, and the Lies We've Been Told, Author: Areva Martin
Title: Boss Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Take Charge of Your Career, Author: Nicole Lapin
Title: Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos: 10 Strategies for Stepping Up to Success and Satisfaction at Work, Author: Lynette Lewis
Title: Trading for Success, Author: Giovana Vega
Title: The Inequality Equalizer, Author: Jena Abernathy
NOOK Book $19.99 $26.50 Current price is $19.99, Original price is $26.50.
Title: Globalizing Education for Work: Comparative Perspectives on Gender and the New Economy, Author: Richard D. Lakes
NOOK Book $53.99 $62.95 Current price is $53.99, Original price is $62.95.
Title: The 30-Day Plan to Whip Your Career Into Submission: Transform Yourself from Job Slave to Master of Your Destiny in Just One Month, Author: Karen Salmansohn
Title: How to Thrive and Survive as a Working Woman: The Coach-Yourself Toolkit, Author: Fiona Elsa Dent
NOOK Book $21.99 $23.35 Current price is $21.99, Original price is $23.35.
Title: When's Happy Hour?: Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work, Author: Betches
Title: Undecided: How to Ditch the Endless Quest for Perfect and Find the Career -- and Life --That's Right for You, Author: Barbara Kelley
Title: Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success, Author: Nicole Williams
Title: 29 Reasons To Start Your Own Business, Author: Small Business Media
Title: Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace, Author: Mikaela Kiner
Title: Handbook of Career Counseling for Women, Author: W. Bruce Walsh
NOOK Book $50.49 $66.95 Current price is $50.49, Original price is $66.95.
Title: The Comeback: How Today's Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully, Author: Cheryl Casone
Title: Asking for a Raise, Author: Lisa Gates
Title: Here's the Plan.: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood, Author: Allyson Downey
Title: The Skills: From First Job to Dream Job-What Every Woman Needs to Know, Author: Mishal Husain
Title: When Work Doesn't Work Anymore: Women, Work, and Identity, Author: Elizabeth Perle McKenna

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